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Mattress Tips

You’ll spend a third of your life in bed, so your mattress plays a vital role in the quality of your health and well-being.
Buying a mattress is a decision that you should think about carefully. Since most people replace their mattress every seven to ten years, you’ll have to live with your decision for a long time. For most people, comfort is the most important factor with support and durability close behind. When it comes to comfort, there is no right and wrong. Only what’s right for you. It’s worth the time and effort to find out which Serta mattress will best suit your needs.

How do you know when it’s time to replace your mattress?

Check your sleep set for the following symptoms to see if it’s time to replace your mattress set.

  • A valley has developed in the section of the mattress where you sleep
  • Sagging across the middle third of the mattress or along the sides makes you roll toward your partner
  • The mattress makes creaking noises
  • Soft, non-supportive edges are a sign of edge breakdown
  • You’re waking up sore or stiff in the morning
  • You’ve developed recurring back pain
  • Your current mattress is 7-10 or more years old

Are you getting the rest you could be? Check yourself for the following symptoms – if you have even one or two, a new mattress may help.

  • Always tired in the morning
  • Have constant difficulty getting out of bed
  • In need of a nap during the day
  • Irritable
  • Unable to concentrate
  • Not sleeping well. Poor sleeping habits or sleep deprivation is usually the first sign of a low-quality or older mattress

What should you consider when buying a mattress?

Comfort, support and durability are the most important factors to look for first. After that, take price into consideration.

What’s the best way to shop for mattresses?

Assess your needs before you start shopping by answering these questions:

  • Has your lifestyle changed since buying your last mattress?
  • Has your body changed in ways that affect your need for support or your comfort preferences?
  • How much space do you have?
  • Does your partner have the same needs?

How do you test a mattress?

  • Remove your shoes and lie on the bed
  • Lie down in several different positions, especially the one you sleep in
  • Pay close attention to lower back support and postural alignment, and make sure you feel plenty of comfort at the shoulders and hips
  • Shop with your partner so the selection of your new bed is made together

Do brand names matter?

It’s wise to purchase a well-known and trustworthy brand-one that’s earned a solid reputation with consumers over a number of decades. Serta has been making the World’s Best Mattress™ for more than 80 years. We are a global company dedicated to delivering the highest quality products to our customers. Serta’s Limited Warranty protects your purchase against manufacturing defects, so you can feel confident with your Serta product for years to come.

How much should you spend on a mattress?

Buy the best mattress that’s within your budget. Remember, the average buying cycle for a mattress today is between 7 and 10 years. For a mattress that costs $ 4,000 this comes out to approximately $ 1,1 a day. Serta is proud to offer quality mattresses to fit every budget.

Do you need a warranty with a mattress?

Yes. However, the warranty is there to protect the customer from manufacturing defects, not against the normal wear from regular use. It is also not an indicator of how long the product should be used before replacement.

Should you put a new mattress on an old box spring?

Never put a new mattress on an old foundation. A mattress is designed to work best with its companion foundation. Mismatched sets can affect overall comfort and support. In fact, buying a mattress without its matching foundation may even affect the terms of the warranty. Plus, it is important to the safety of you and your family to ensure that both pieces of the sleep set meet or exceed federal flammability standards, and the best way to do so is to buy the set.

Is it okay to pass your mattress along to your children?

It is not recommended to pass along a used and worn mattress to your children whose active, developing bodies require the support of a good, quality mattress. If the bed is no longer good enough for you, it’s not good enough for anybody else.

What to consider when mattress shopping.

When shopping for a new mattress, your goal is to find a sleep set that offers you the optimum comfort, support and durability – and still be within your budget.
Use this Mattress Shopping Guide to make sure you choose a mattress that’s best for you.

Mattress Comfort

Modern foams and fibers used in today’s premium mattresses offer a variety of comfort options for every type of sleeper. Because comfort is personal, the best way to find out if a mattress is comfortable for you is the old-fashioned way; try it out in the store. Find a Serta Retail Store.

Mattress Support

The best mattress for your back is one that supports your spine at all points while allowing it to maintain its natural curve. All Serta mattresses feature today’s most advanced and durable innerspring systems, designed to provide proper spinal support throughout the night.

Mattress Durability

Today’s sleep sets are very durable and built to last. But it’s important to remember that mattresses today are designed as a set – the mattress plus the divan. Together, a new mattress and foundation will provide the best sleep set performance. Don’t try to replace just a mattress or divan!

Mattress Size

Considering that most people sleep better when a partner isn’t crowding them, you should buy the largest size mattress that fits your bedroom and your budget. Mattresses come in five standard sizes: Single 91×190 cm, Super Single 107×190 cm, Queen 152×190 cm, King 183×190 cm, Super King 200×200 cm

Mattress Warranty

Always make sure your new Serta sleep set comes with a warranty that protects you against manufacturer defects. Do not purchase bedding “as is” and always make sure your Serta product has its law tag attached. Keep a copy of your Serta warranty brochure on file for reference.

Where To Shop for Mattresses

Serta mattresses can be found in a wide variety of retail outlets. By working with a reputable retailer, you can feel confident about the quality of the mattress and the service you will receive. You can use our Store Locator to find an authorized Serta retailer near you.


You spend one-third of your life in bed, so investing some time to shopping for your new mattress is likely to be time well spent. A little research about the features and benefits available can pay off a hundred times in the quality of your sleep for years to come.
Top 10 Tips for Selecting the Right New Mattress

  1. Get enough rest before you shop for a mattress – Shop when you are well rested so you will make the best possible decision. According to a number of studies, sleep deprivation causes attention lapses, slower recall and poor concentration
  2. Let your fingers do the walking – Serta’s Web site is full of information that will tell you about the construction of our mattresses and explain their features and benefits. We offer a wide array of material designed to make mattress shopping easier, including videos showing the inner construction and benefits of Serta mattresses – all written in easy-to-understand terms. Also, if you type in your ZIP code, our Serta Store Locator will provide a list of Serta mattress dealers in your area as well as a map and contact information to help you reach them.
  3. Know yourself – In the sea of mattresses that you may see in a retail store, there are basically three comfort preferences: soft (Pillow Top) plush and firm. There are also varying forms of the Pillow Top, including the Euro Top. Once you know which “feel” you prefer, you will have effectively eliminated two thirds of the mattresses in the store. This gives you the chance to concentrate on the mattresses that really will be comfortable for you.
  4. Concentrate on comfort – Learn about the support system (innerspring or foam) when you do your Internet research, then focus on what feels comfortable to you when you go mattress shopping. Remember, a good support system provides good support whether your mattress is soft, plush or firm. Keep in mind that a comfortable mattress will help you fall asleep at night – and if you’re like most adults today, you need all the rest you can get.
  5. Buy a brand name you trust – When you buy a mattress, remember that you are buying a good night’s sleep, not just a place to shut your eyes. That’s why it’s wise to purchase a brand that you know and trust – one that’s earned a solid reputation with consumers over a number of decades. Serta has been making the World’s Best Mattress™ for more than 80 years. We are a global company dedicated to delivering the highest quality products to our customers. Serta’s Limited Warranty protects your purchase against manufacturing defects, so you can feel confident with your Serta product for years to come.
  6. Buy from a retailer you trust – When shopping for a mattress, go only to retailers that you trust and learn what you will get with your purchase. Additional buying incentives often include free delivery and removing your current mattress from your home. All retailers listed in Serta’s Store Locator are authorized Serta retailers.
  7. Put price in perspective – Mattress buying is the most important decision you will make in furnishing your home, since you and your loved ones will spend close to one-third of your lives sleeping on your mattresses. The average buying cycle for a mattress today is between 7 and 10 years. For a mattress that costs $4,000, this comes out to approximately $1,1 a day. Aim to buy the best mattress you can for the money. Serta proudly offers quality products for every type of budget.
  8. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes – Try out the mattresses with the comfort feel that you most want – soft or firm. Lie on the bed; turn back and forth as you would if you were going to sleep. Shop with your partner to be sure that you both like the comfort feel of the mattress.
  9. Consider your space – Fifteen years ago, single size mattresses were the most popular sizes sold at retail, but not anymore. People are realizing that they need more room when they sleep. As a result, queen mattresses have become the best seller, and more and more couples are buying king mattresses as well. Make sure that your mattress will give you plenty of room to stretch out.
  10. Invest in a safe mattress and buy the set. Mixing a new mattress with an old foundation may pose a safety risk to consumers. The mattress and foundation should both be replaced, as a set, at the same time.

Get a comfortable night’s sleep on your very own Serta mattress tonight.

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